Brisbane Area WICEN AGM: 20th August, 2018

It’s that time of year again, time for us to run and hide^W^W^Wvolunteer our services in running the executive functions of Brisbane Area WICEN Group (Inc).  I’ll let our president, Bob Cumming VK4YBN explain:

Just a reminder that the WICEN AGM will be held at Hackerspace at Eagle Farm on 20th August, 1930 hrs.

Would you please think about what you would like brought up at that meeting and also think about which position(s) you would like to put yourself up for. It would be good if you advise the secretary about, the subject matter you would like to bring up. This will allow us to find out the info you require.

Also please keep in mind that dues are payable before the meeting, particularly if you wish to vote on any matter. Our dues are pretty much the only source of income these days, since the demise of the Car Rally. Horse rides only just break even, after partial reimbursement of fuel costs to operators, and Cycle Queensland is the only significant donor these days.

For those wishing to renew, you will want to download and fill out this form: Membership_Renewal_2018-19Members must be financial in order to be eligible to vote!

This is a PDF version of a form that Bob sent around in a previous announcement email.  If you’ve already filled that form out, then you can safely ignore this one.  Otherwise, there are three ways to renew:

  • print it out, then fill it out by hand and submit the form back to the treasurer
  • fill the form out on your computer, then print it out and submit that to the treasurer
  • fill the form out on your computer, save it, then email it back to the treasurer (after saving, please double check that it saved correctly before attaching the completed file, the form is known to work in Okular and Adobe Acrobat Reader, but your mileage may vary!)

Hope to see you at the AGM!

Header image: Legal Gavel & Open Law Book by Blogtrepreneur, CC-by-SA 2.0