Mailing Lists

The Brisbane Area WICEN Group (inc.) runs two main mailing lists which are open for any interested parties to subscribe to.

Announcements list

The Announcements list is a low-volume read-only list where the management committee publishes announcements that affect the group as a whole.   If you are a member of WICEN, or participate in its activities, it is strongly recommend you subscribe to this list.

The subscription page is here:

To subscribe, fill in the form.  It’ll ask you to prove you’re a human, hopefully only once.  Then, watch your inbox for an email message like the following:

WICEN announcement list subscription email. Click to enlarge.

Clicking that dark grey link confirms the subscription.

Discussion list

Note as of 2017-12-18: this list is experimental in nature.  Any issues, please contact me.

In addition to an announcements list, we are now also running a discussion list.  This is hosted on our OwnCloud server, and uses the GNU Mailman list management software.  Subscription here is entirely optional.  Subscribers to this list are also able to post messages there to share information and updates.

The archive of this list is publicly visible and the list is open to anyone (member or not).  We ask that you do not post anything there you wouldn’t share on air.  This includes advertising commercial services.  We can be more lenient here than what the ACMA would be, but moderators can and will step in if the need arises.

To subscribe, fill out the form below and click Subscribe:

Your email address:
Your name (optional):
Would you like to receive list mail batched in a daily
No (recommended)

Once you have submitted in the form, watch your inbox.  You’ll see an email that looks like this:

WICEN chat subscription confirmation email. Click to enlarge.

You can either:

  • click that big long link OR
  • hit Reply on your email client, then hit Send.

Either method should work.  Once subscribed, you’ll receive a welcome message.  This message, amongst other things, contains the mailing list address (where you post to send messages to the entire group), and a link to a page where you can adjust your subscription details; for which you’ll need the password mentioned further down.

If you lose this email, a reminder will be posted to you on a regular basis.  We can also send you another if need be.

Welcome email for chat list. Click to enlarge.