WICEN Exercise: Brisbane to Gold Coast Cycle Challenge – Sunday 15 October 2017

Liam McCarthy, VK4XLM is looking for volunteers to assist in this year’s Brisbane to Gold Coast Bicycle Ride:

Hi everyone,

Bicycle Queensland (BQ) has once again requested the assistance of the Brisbane Area WICEN Group for their upcoming event: Brisbane to Gold Coast Cycle Challenge (B2GC).  To be held this year on Sunday 15 October.

As per previous years, I will take on the role of WICEN coordinator (although happy for anyone else to assist and learn the ropes) and this year I am available on the event day.

WICEN operators positioned along the event route will report information to the WICEN net controller, VK4BWI, as per previous years.  The Route Manager, Ben Wilson, and I have discussed a slight change to how the event will operate.  I will travel with the Route Manager during the event and be his interface to the WICEN network.  However another operator, preferably in a static position, will function as the WICEN net controller, VK4BWI.  This is to alleviate the workload in the Route Manager vehicle.  Comms traffic on the event’s commercial radio system and mobile telephones has grown significantly.  The Route Manager vehicle will monitor WICEN traffic as much as possible however other tasks may take priority, hence the implementation of a separate WICEN net controller.  If possible, the net controller will also function in a similar capacity to other WICEN stations, counting event participants, and may best perform this with one or more assistants.   This is somewhat similar to the event last year where VK4BWI was operated by VK4DMH at the Southport Finish site, however no WICEN operator was on board the Route Manager vehicle and the interface was by other means.

The time requirements of each WICEN position vary with the earliest being on site an operational from 05:15 and latest finishing early afternoon.  Generally, the more northern locations start and finish early and the more southern locations are operational for a longer period.  More information will follow in the coming weeks and a detailed information document will be distributed prior to the event.

If anyone is interested and available please reply ASAP.  Please share with anyone who may be interested in helping or who I may have missed.

If you are able to assist in this event, please contact us.  Alternatively, WICEN members can find Liam’s contact details on OwnCloud.