Change of Venue for next meeting

At the last business meeting, a decision was made to defer the decision on a permanent move to Hackerspace Brisbane and instead, to hold the September business meeting there so that the members who haven’t had a chance to check the place out can do so.

We can then vote on whether the move should be permanent, or whether we decide to stay at our present location at Kelvin Grove State College.

If you wanted to check the place out prior to this meeting, they are having an open day this Saturday, the 2nd September, 2017.

September Business Meeting

  • Date/Time: 18th September, 2017 at 7:30PM
  • Address: 221C MacArthur Avenue, Eagle Farm

Getting to HSBNE from the Brisbane CBD

For the photos below, you can click on them to get an enlarged view.  Use your browser’s back button to return to this page.

Your easiest way to get there, is to head towards Hale Street and pick up the Inner City Bypass.  This will put you onto Kingsford Smith Drive.  From there, you’ll be travelling for some distance.  Once the high-rise towers near Bretts Wharf come into view, near the Racecourse Road intersection, you’ll be wanting to merge into the centre/right-hand lane to make a turn.

The actual turn off at this point is a few blocks away, and in heavy traffic it might be difficult to get across lanes if you leave it too late.

This first set of lights, you’ll want to pass straight through, although if you take this turn by mistake, it’ll lead you to a round-about: take the second exit (180° around) and you’ll be on MacArthur Avenue.  As it’s a bit windy with a lot of construction at the moment though, it is easier to keep going along Kingsford Smith Drive.

You’ll pass Seymour Road and the Airport International on your left… at this point, you’ll want to turn right at the next major intersection into Remora Road.  As you get closer, the trees and buildings thin out a bit and you start to see construction sites in the distance.

The sign isn’t too visible in this photo, but on top is a brown sign saying “Brisbane Cruise Terminal”.  This is the turn you want.

This, is Remora Road.  The barriers will move around with the construction, but you’ll be turning down here.  At the end is a round-about, and you take the first exit (about 90° around) which puts you on MacArthur Terrace.

I didn’t take many shots here because I had cars up my bum, and it’s likely to have changed around a bit.  The construction company, BMD Constructions, publishes a newsletter with detail on what work is being performed at the site, copies of these newsletters can be found on the Brisbane Hackerspace forum.  This is worth reviewing to get up-to-date information on what to expect from here.

The latest newsletter from BMD for the fortnight 8th-22nd September can be found here.

At this point, you’re on MacArthur Avenue, and it’s a case of navigating your way out of the road-work.  Once out of that area, you’ll pass a centre-of-road carpark then some coloured warehouses on the right.  Our target is just past those trees that can be seen off in the distance.

Right at this point, you’ll want to be over to the right, to make a right-hand turn immediately past these trees.  The portable sign, which indicates parking for Eat Street, may or may not be there when you visit.  In the photo below between that first tree (centre) and the portable sign, you can see the roof over the “quad” at HSBNE, and the Nothshore Mens Shed that shares the same site.

This here is the entrance, there is parking out the front of HSBNE itself.  Or alternatively, you can park on MacArthur Avenue itself and walk through the side gate.

…By Bicycle

For those few of us that ride, pedal-powered, it is possible to get to HSBNE in-spite of the road works without getting run over.  The following is the route I took on Saturday morning where I took the above photographs: Waterworks Road up to Red Hill, then sharp left into Windsor Road, right into Prospect Terrace, across Kelvin Grove Road, along L’Estrange Terrace, down Herston Road, across Bowen Bridge Road, along O’Connel Terrace, left into Hamilton Place, right into Campbell Street, across Abbotsford Road into Montpellier Road, left into Breakfast Creek Road which eventually dumped me onto Kingsford Smith Drive.

Coming home, I took a slightly different route over Red Hill itself instead of passing by Kelvin Grove.  (Largely because I didn’t fancy trying to get into the right-hand lane of Bowen Bridge Road to get back onto Herston Road.)  The total run (both ways) was a little under 38km.

The run to HSBNE took me directly past Kelvin Grove State School.  This is that section of the run:

That section shown there is about 8.5km and took me 50 minutes.  My average speed was 10km/hr with a peak of 35km/hr.  A fitter cyclist could do it in a much shorter time than I would.