OwnCloud changes and proposed change of venue

Hi all,

There has been a bit of work going in the background over the past few months.  As some may know, I have been hosting an instance of the OwnCloud groupware system as a virtual instance on my own infrastructure here as a way for us to share files and event information.

The ageing server running this was an old Intel Atom D510 with 2GB RAM, bought brand new in 2010, and has served me well.  That said, things move on, and the machine is really showing its age now.  It was always my intention to replace it.  To that end, I have been building some new infrastructure of my own over the past couple of years, and finally have it to the point where it can run instances.  Thus, WICEN OwnCloud has moved to this new host.  The address is exactly the same as the old one, so it should be seamless.

For further details on how to access and use OwnCloud, see our documentation, or pester me at a meeting.  I can also be contacted directly: owncloud at brisbanewicen dot org dot au.

Also looking to move, this time, physically, is the meeting place for Brisbane Area WICEN Group (inc).  While Kelvin Grove State College have looked after us well over the years, I feel it is in our interests to seek an alternate venue which:

  • permits us to work on projects and run workshops
  • grants us greater flexibility in when we can hold meetings
  • exposes the group to a bigger audience to possibly attract new members
Hackerspace Brisbane

To this end, I have submitted the following Change of venue proposal to the group for voting at the upcoming AGM, on the evening of the 21st August, 2017.  The proposed venue is Brisbane Hackerspace, which is located at 221C MacArthur Ave, Eagle Farm, QLD 4009.

The group have an open night with guided tours every Tuesday evening and on some Saturday afternoons.  I recommend people go down there and have a look around prior to the AGM.

The next business meeting is Monday, 17th July, 2017 and will be held at our existing venue at the Kelvin Grove State College.