Brisbane Area WICEN Group uses the OwnCloud synchronisation and file sharing service for organising events and keeping contact information current. It is hosted by one of the members here in Brisbane.

What is needed to access OwnCloud?

To access OwnCloud, you only need a recent web browser. Windows XP users may have difficulty reaching the site using Internet Explorer, other browsers should work fine.

Recommended configuration is:

  • Operating System:
    • any modern GNU/Linux (released since 2010)
    • Android 4.0 (or later)
    • Apple MacOS X 10.5.6 (10.7 or later preferred), or iOS 4
    • Microsoft Windows 7 (or later)
  • Web browser
    • Apple Safari (as shipped in MacOS X 10.5.6+, iOS 4)
    • Google Chrome (version 6 or later)
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 7 or later)
    • Mozilla Firefox (version 2 or later)

Accessing Brisbane WICEN OwnCloud

There are two addresses you can use for accessing OwnCloud:

https://owncloud.brisbanewicen.org.au (preferred)

The former is strongly preferred as it encrypts the communications between your web browser and the server. Using a clear-text (“not encrypted”) link is bad for these reasons:

  • People can see all traffic, including the log-in request containing your password, allowing that other person to possibly log in and impersonate you on the OwnCloud site.
  • All content you see can be seen by those same third parties, including content such as peoples’ contact details (that they may wish to be kept private).
  • The content you see can be manipulated by third parties (e.g. injecting malware)

The latter site is provided as a fall-back option if you absolutely must log-in and have no other way of doing it. Internet Explorer on Windows XP for example cannot access the site as it lacks support for Server Name Identification. Please do not use this link on a public WIFI hotspot or untrusted network!

Using OwnCloud

For documentation on how to use OwnCloud itself, your best resource would be the official OwnCloud documentation.

Getting Help

If you’re stuck, the best approach would be either to see us at a meeting, or to contact owncloud@brisbanewicen.org.au for assistance.